Little London

Après Ski

Little London

Guests come to Little London to enjoy, to celebrate and, above all, to stay!

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! And how do you like to spend the afternoon or evening after skiing?

At Little London you can expect a location to celebrate, enjoy and dance. As soon as you enter Little London in the afternoon, the pleasant light and stimulating music create a pleasant atmosphere.

At Little London in Hotel Central, local and international music is on the program, including live music three times a week.

Champagne, wines, beers, gins, and cocktails, plus good music and a great atmosphere!

Three evenings a week throughout the winter season: live piano music from Kees Toets


Everyday opened from 3 p.m. till 11

You can really celebrate here! An evening can be really cozy there.

It's good if you have booked a room at the Hotel Central!

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